I played video games a lot. Best games is a fine art for me β€” like book or movie. But StarCraft β…‘ is something different. You can play it 100 times and every battle will be different. Every game you’re learning, gaining confidence, playing better and better and … losing.

At first losing seams wrong and painful. In FPS you’re trying to do more kills, in StarCraft β€” to improve your micro and macro. In FPS once you’re becoming better β€” your winning ratio growing. It takes some time to accept it. In StarCraft while you’re playing stronger β€” Battle.net gives you equal opponents β€” so losing and winning is around 50%.

Winns giving more points β€” that’s how you’re moving up on the ladder. Wins giving you a burst of happiness but real satisfaction coming when after a game with your pro buddy he or she telling you β€” “that’s a whole new level you’re playing, a different game”. One victory is just a small instant reward. You can always win or lose more on a next season. Skills is not going away. They growing. Noticing my progress is what pushing me forward.