Welcome to Cocoa Switch.

This blog is my own opinions. I feel passionate about Open Web and independent content creation. This blog fulfilling my desire to write and share with others.

I am Cocoa Touch software engineer living in London, writing about software, technology and, sometimes, games.

The name inspired by Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks, my love to chocolate, switching from PC to Mac in 2007 and new Nintendo console.

Focus of this blog is expressing my thoughts on things which I feel I have to share. I am trying to write only when I feel like telling something which has not been told before, things which is missed or not noticed.

I am not writing regularly and not covering news because there’s people who can do it much better and doing this for long time already, some of them even for a living, this people inspiring me to write.

The list will be updated as I discover more independent technology publishers with interesting opinions.

Although I am posting links here, I don’t want this blog to be a link blog and when posting a link there’s something I would like to add.